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Meladerm Cream – Best Brown Age Spot Cream Remover – Reviews

Meladerm cream has become a favored choice amongst people who have skin hyperpigmentation problems, ranging from dark spots, scars, freckles, sun spots and age spots, as well as general skin tone unevenness. This short frequently asked questions article will address some of the questions that people ask about Meladerm as they work to find out if it will be useful to them.

How long does Meladerm take to work?

People have been seeing great results within only two weeks of commencement of using Meladerm. This is quite a fast result, considering that there are no harsh ingredients in the cream. However more complete results are generally seen after between two and three months of regular usage. This is the time that your skin blemishes should really start to had faded and even disappeared. Different skin types will vary when it comes to the amount of time that changes are seen, as does the amount of sun your skin is exposed to (this should be minimized or eliminated completely on the affected areas).

What kinds of hyperpigmentation can Meladerm be used for?

Meladerm has been designed to mostly work on epidermal hyperpigmentation problems. This means skin problems that are at the upper layers of the skin. Occasionally hyperpigmentation may be at the dermal level, where it is harder for topical creams to reach. It is wise to first find out what sort of pigmentation you have on your skin, so that you can know if Meladerm can effectively treat it. Hyperpigmentation that is below the epidermis may require more invasive skin treatment methods such as laser surgery.

Can Meladerm be used safely for a long time?

Although Meladerm has been designed to work very fast, and many users have noted that they see results within only one or two weeks of beginning use, the company states that if you wish to use Meladerm as a long term treatment for any stubborn hyperpigmentation problems, simply speak to your dermatologist or doctor. Because epidermal hyperpigmentation can be effectively treated in most cases, the results seen from Meladerm are usually permanent. Deeper hyperpigmentation may require longer term use, which is a good time to consult your dermatologist.

Does Meladerm contain any harmful ingredients?

There are a number of ingredients that are increasingly being used in skin creams and other skin care products. But the safety of such ingredients is under question. For example, a closer look at some of the creams out there can reveal ingredients like hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or bleaching chemicals. The impact that these harsh ingredients can have on the skin can be measurable and concerning. People are nowadays looking for more natural solutions to skin problems, which is why Meladerm is a popular option as it does not contain any of these potentially very harmful ingredients.

What about side effects?

Civant Skin Care notes wisely that each individual has different skin and different tolerance levels or possibly allergy conditions that can trigger a reaction to virtually any substance in existence. They also note however that due to the gentle natural ingredients in Meladerm, such a chance of any reaction is small. Some skin types may be more sensitive than others, and some users may notice a little bit of redness or a darkening of the areas that are being treated in the initial days. This is an adjustment period for the skin and it should fade on its own. If symptoms persist however, simply see your doctor.

There are no carcinogenic ingredients or harmful chemicals in Meladerm, so the side effects like severe skin irritation that is often experienced with other creams will not occur when using Meladerm. It is important to however note that the skin may be more sun sensitive whilst using the product, so good use of sun screen is recommended during this time in particular. Only apply sunscreen after at least ten minutes of applying Meladerm, so it has had time to be absorbed fully by the skin.

Is Meladerm useful for lightening the entire skin tone?

Meladerm is not a skin bleaching product, rather it targets specific hyperpigmentation issues like dark spots. Skin lightening products on the other hand are applied to the whole face and often other parts of the body, in order to lighten the overall complexion. This practice is being seriously considered dangerous by many experts, particularly when ingredients like bleach and other chemicals are involved. Therefore, Meladerm should not be used as an overall skin lightening cream.

How often does Meladerm need to be used?

The company recommends applying Meladerm twice per day – morning and night. For best results, wash the skin area first, then dry it and apply Meladerm until it is completely absorbed over the affected area.

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about Meladerm, and answers that hopefully will provide enough information for you to determine whether this unique skin product is right for you.


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