What is a Good Fade Cream for Dark Spots – Civant Meladerm Reviews on Acne, Sun, Age and Freckles


You may have heard about Meladerm, the hyperpigmentation cream that claims to be able to reduce the appearance of dark spots, skin discolorations and scars in only two weeks. This article will briefly describe exactly what Meladerm is and how it works.

Who is Meladerm For?

This cream has been formulated to improve the skin tone of people with hyperpigmentation skin problems. Some of the specific issues that it can address include discoloured and dark spots on the skin, sun spots, age spots, freckles, melasma, birth marks, general uneven skin tone, and even some acne scars. The product can be used on most types of hyperpigmentation that exist on the epidermal level of the skin. Hyperpigmentation can also rarely occur on the deeper dermal level but Meladerm may not be effective on those deeper skin blemishes.

What Skin Problems Will It Treat?

Meladerm has been formulated to be used on a number of different skin problems that relate to hyperpigmentation. In particular, its ingredients have been researched and tested to treat age spots, sun spots, dark spots on both the face and other parts of the body such as the knees and elbows,

Why Is Meladerm Different?

As someone who wishes to purchase a pigmentation improving cream like Meladerm, it is extremely daunting to see the sheer number of products out there, each vying for your attention and each being marketed as the best cure for all of your skin woes. To make your decision a little easier, it is a good idea to find out just what makes certain products more unique than others. It is often the small, and sometimes very subtle and even unnoticed things, that can make all the difference to the effectiveness of any particular product.

The makers of Meladerm have revealed that they take extra care in the storing and manufacturing of each of their active ingredients, as they truly believe that the potency and lasting power of the powerful ingredients in Meladerm are considerably increased when the items are carefully stored and used to their optimal requirements.

Because the amount of air and light that an ingredient has access to can have an impact on its potency, Civant Skin Care takes great care to ensure that all environmental conditions are met. For example, Kojic Acid is one ingredient that is negatively affected by air and light. Some of the other ingredients require particular storage requirements to retain their potency, so Civant makes use of vacuum desiccators. Going the extra mile in this way seems to make Meladerm stand a little more above the crowd in terms of the quality and effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Additionally, simply the quality of the ingredients themselves can mean the difference between seeing results and being disappointed with a skin care product. Many products will contain the same active ingredients yet give vastly different outcomes – and it is the quality of the extracts and other ingredients that determine this. Civant Skin Care states that they only use the highly grade ingredients in Meladerm. Although this means that Meladerm is not the cheapest product on the market, it is truly a situation of getting what you are paying for. It is difficult to put a price on the appearance of your skin; and most people who are serious about improving their skin are willing to pay that little bit more for top quality.

How Do You Use Meladerm?

It is quite simple to use Meladerm. The area of the skin should first be washed well, and then dried completely. You should then apply some Meladerm on the area and make sure it is evenly spread out and then massed well into the skin until it is absorbed well. This can be done twice per day. The company recommends using an exfoliation scrub prior to using Meladerm to achieve the best results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Although people will have different reactions to different ingredients in all types of skin products, Meladerm has been created to be as gentle as possible on the skin with mostly all natural extracts. The company still states however that a very small percentage of people may experience an allergic reaction, although this is rare. To avoid this, conduct a spot test of Meladerm elsewhere on your skin prior to using on your face.

Using Meladerm on children under 12 years old is not recommended, and people using Meladerm are also advised to take extra care in the sun and to use sunscreen as the skin may be extra sensitive to sunlight.

Meladerm is a unique skin care product that targets very specific skin conditions that can cause great distress to people. The positive experiences that users have seen with this product point to it being a very effective solution for hyperpigmentation and related skin problems.


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